Thank you for shopping at Clawq Housing.


Our refund policy is simple:


1. First of all, you need to clearly specify your housing requirements on our website. For example, on the payment page you can add any additional housing requirements you might have such as:

·         Square meters

·         Neighbourhood

·         Etc.


2. If we cannot find housing options aligned to your housing requirements then we refund you. For example, if you choose the ‘Basic package’ for 10 housing options, and we can only find 5 that are aligned to your requirements then we will refund the difference (50% of your order). If we cannot find any housing options for you, then we will ask you a question whether you can be more flexible in your budget or other requirements. If that is not possible, and, you would like a refund then we have an administration fee of €3.85


3. There could be a case where you feel that what we send to you as housing options do not align to your requirements. If that is the case, then send an email to with subject line REFUND with your order number (for example REFUND 5438). In that email please add a short summary why you believe we should send you a refund. Then, we will look at your request and decide based on what we sent and what your requirements were. Administration cost for refunds are €3.85.


All refunds must be requested within six working days of your order.